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 Welcome to University College of Engineering Tindivanam(UCET). We offer the best of a liberal intellectual and technological resources of a institution. UCET is uniquely positioned to educate the technological leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to site our engineering graduates to be project leaders, problem solvers, ethical citizens and a good communicators of a global community.

UCET is a temple of learning to imagine logically, deal with insecurity and change, work with technology in a environmentally and socially accountable manner, communicate effectively and collaborate with other peer students, all within a supportive community In UCET, we are engineering our future—your future—building a community of creative problem-solvers devoted to issues in energy,sustainability, health care and the environment. To attain this goal, we are renewing our commitment to excellence through strategic focus on three key engineering enterprises: education, research and entrepreneurship. We plan to enlarge the college global reach, engagement and diversity with alumni and the community. In addition to the opportunities for research knowledges, our students also avail themselves of a huge array of curricular and extracurricular activities.

This is a very significant time in history for those of us moving with educating the next generation of engineers. I encourage you to get involved and go behind our progress, as we effort to educate future leaders and put up a better future. First and foremost is the challenge to revitalize the engineering education enterprise so that it prepares students effectively for the changing workforce of future. This proposal will facilitate college leadership and faculty to leverage cross-disciplinary course prospects, pioneering technology for course delivery and student entrepreneurship programs.


Dean, UCET

Our Vision & Mission


The vision of Anna University is to be a world class institution by producing professionals with high technical knowledge, professional skills and ethical values and remain as a preferred partner to the industry and community for their economic and social development through excellence in teaching, research and consultancy. Anna University shall be recognized as a point of reference, a catalyst, a facilitator, a trend setter and a leader in technical education


Anna University shall contribute to the educational, economic and social development by * producing students who are intellectually and technically equipped with well defined knowledge, skills and ethics who are creative thinkers, inspiring leaders and contributing citizens * introducing high quality academic and research programmers and providing extension services in cutting edge technologies * ensuring a supportive campus climate with dynamic leadership and development opportunities to meet the needs of the students, faculty and staff * enhancing academic productivity through induction of quality faculty, accelerated graduation, credit banking, augmented continuing education opportunities and adoption of current technology * sharing the intellectual resources and the infrastructural facilities among the academia from other institutions and among the industrial society, funding agencies and government * enhancing the collaborative partnership between Industry and Institute for commercializing and transferring the latest technological know-how towards societal development * setting up a Global University Network Campus that embodies the ideals of an open, democratic and global society catering to the needs of the global community and satisfying cultural, ethnic and racial diversity * expanding global participation spread across continents with the aid of interactive satellite based education and the usage of digital library * enriching the national and international character of the University * ensuring efficient administrative coordination and effective decision making through necessary reforms and by strategically allocating resources * benchmarking against technologically sound global leaders with a view towards continuous improvement


* EXCELLENCE - In teaching , research and extension service - Commitment to the pursuit of excellence in individual and collective endeavours * ACCOUNTABILITY - Integrity, Responsibility and Democratic with highest ethical standards ingrained in all University Practices. * TEAMWORK & COLLABORATIVE STRATEGIES - Commitment to work together to achieve our shared vision, mission and goals. * STUDENT CENTRIC APPROACH - Commitment to provide an experience that ensures students to engage in opportunities that stretch and challenge their self – perceptions, values and beliefs. * SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Active Participation in transformative, innovative and lifelong learning in service to humanity * DIVERSITY& EQUAL OPPORTUNITY - Cultivation of a diverse and inclusive learning and work environment by increasing the international expertise and participants * ACADEMIC FREEDOM - The freedom of inquiry and expression in teaching and research * SAFE COMMUNITY - A caring and safe community characterized by civility and respect which stands in solidarity against any actions that exclude discriminate against or silence members of our community . * SUSTAINABILITY - A vibrant community and campus that is known for research intensive educational quality economically sound environmentally responsible and socially just. * ACCESSIBILITY - Inclusive educational environment that is accessible and affordable

Green Campus Policy

Anna University is committed to develop its campuses as places where education is combined with environmental friendly practices to promote Sustainable Development by * restricted entry of automobiles, promoting the use of Bicycles and provision of Pedestrian Friendly pathways e ban on use of disposable Plastics in line with the State Government Guidelines. * creating awareness with stakeholders on the need for maintaining greenery in the campus for sustainable ambience. * encouraging all stakeholders to support and participate in ensuring green cover in the campus. * preserving age old trees and protect them to have prolonged life. * enhancement of green cover by landscaping with trees and plants. * conduct of green audit at regular intervals and implement the suggestions towards creating green campus
The faculty, staff and students are encouraged to contribute collectively to develop an eco-friendly sustainable campus and disseminate the concept of ecofriendly culture to the nearby community and wherever possible.

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Project Manager

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